Junko Onishi
Born in Kyoto in 1967 and raised in Tokyo, Junko Onishi graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1989. In January 1993, her debut album "WOW" won the Japan Jazz Award at the Swing Journal Jazz Disc Awards, and in April 1994, her second album "Cruisin" was released on the US label Blue Note. In May 1994, he became the first Japanese to lead his own group at the prestigious jazz club "The Village Vanguard" in New York City. In March 2000, he suddenly announced that he would take a long-term leave of absence, and in 2007 he resumed his activities. In March 2010, he recorded his new album "Baroque" in New York.
In September 2013, he performed at the Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto. After Seiji Ozawa's fierce invitation, he decided to perform at the festival as a one-night-only revival. In September 2015, he made his return to the scene with an appearance at "Tokyo Jazz".
In November 2017, he released two albums simultaneously, "Very Special" and "Glamorous Life"; in December 2018, he formed a new 3 Kan sextet and released "XII (twelve)"; in July 2019, he released "JUNKO ONISHI presents JATROIT Live at BLUE NOTE TOKYO" in July 2019. In March 2020, he formed "Junko Onishi Sextet Plus" as "Junko Onishi Sextet", which consists of 3 Kan sextet with guitar and alto guests, and released "Live XI" and "Unity All (Live at PitInn)". In 2021, "JUNKO ONISHI presents THE ORCHESTRA", a large group that evolved from "Junko Onishi Sextet Plus", will begin, releasing "out of THE DAWN" in June. In December 2021, the trio formation was joined by percussionist Motoi Ogimi to form the "Junko Onishi Quartet," which released "Grand Voyage" in December.

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Grand Voyage

2021年から井上陽介と吉良創太とのレギュラー トリオにパーカッション大儀見元を加えたNEWカルテットを結成。カルテットしては初アルバムとなる「Grand Voyage」のアナログ盤。 収録曲には物語を描くように強く美しいメロディで紡がれるオリジナル曲を揃える。本作のゲストして、小野リサが「Flor de Organdi」に作詞と演奏(歌とギター)で参加、スペイン語詩の「Un Dia de Cielo Azul」石塚隆充 と大儀見元による共作詩が施され、大儀見元の歌唱により新たな一面を見せている。